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BBK Performance Parts Cruise Set for September 11.

I have officially received confirmation from BBK that we are locked in for September 11th, 2010. The address for the meet is:
BBK Performance
24770 Bostik Court
CA 92590

Now for the fun stuff. Let me know if you're coming and if you want to get on the dyno list. The last event they dyno'd everything that showed up and could wait to hit the rollers, this time they are asking that we keep the dyno pulls to no more than 10.

As some of you know, BBK has several video files on their website about their products. Well, they are about to have DIY video's up on their site as well as here on Camaro5 for the install of their headers, midpipes, CAI, etc. I'm happy to report that they will be using a BEUTIFUL IOM SS/RS for the video production.

My car will be equipped with the BBK Camaro product line at the meet and will be strapped to the dyno so you can get a first hand look at what you can expect out of their products.

For those of you who are on the fence about which products to go with, you will get to see first hand what you get from BBK at the meet. There will be production and R&D shop tours as well as a nice discount on anything that is purchased the day of the meet from the Brothers Performance Parts Showroom. Unfortunately, all of there products are not available on the website yet, but you will be able to get all the info on the products that they carry the day of the meet.

You don't have to dyno just to come to the meet. The last meet was a sopping wet mess and we still had a good time.

There are several fast food joints as well as great restruants in the area to satisfy the need for food. If you want food on site, I've got a guy that has a mobile hot dog cart that I'm pretty sure I can get to set up and sell his goods.

If anyone wants to come in from out of town, I can post up hotel info.

Now for "The List": Just like the last event, I'll make the list as long as needed. If someone doesn't make it in for the event and they are on the list we will skip to the next name until everyone is dyno'd or BBK throw's up the white flag.

1. 2010SSRSM6, Showing off the Host's products.

2. TripleB

3. Lakers171

4. Milk 1027

5. Linkwpc

6. Mindz

7. CTerry

8. Don O

9. The Jerk

10. PoorMansCamaro

11. Comm17/Comm54

12. Buitre

13. Our Bee

14. Buffnshine

15. ddunerider

16. Revo1

17. Fearlessinsocal

18. Shevyman

19. Marine1991


21. Baisen

22. GRR

UNDER CONSTRUCTION......again......

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