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Boy, I bet that title just gets everybody wound up, huh? Kind of like watching paint

But seriously, if you have been around boats or aircraft you know that good wiring is paramount and something that just plain needs to be done to preserve integrity and safety. Well for this type of wiring, Dave at Nelson Supercars is the man. To figure out how to integrate three (actually four) completely stand alone computers into one system is genius. Factory ECM, Electromotive TEC3r ECM, Bowler/Compushift Transmission Controller and Aeromotive Fuel Pump Controller.

Anyway, the wiring job is fantastic. Aircraft Connectors and strain reliefs, Indy car high temp sheathing, Raychem heat shrink over new wiring, individual wiring labels and pin outs all integrated with factory connectors. Seamless. Excellent workmanship.

So here is what it all looks like:
First Pic - Aircraft Connectors that interface to new computers
Second Pic - Aircraft Connectors with Strain reliefs and Indy sheathing
Third Pic - Repin/wire and new sheathing Type 1
Fourth Pic - Repin/wire and new sheathing Type 2
Fifth Pic - One of the harnesses intergrating Factory with aftermarket including keeping the stock firewall grommet.
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