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Originally Posted by radz282003 View Post
That's going to be a great series - anyone keeping a 4th. Gen. should have a look. It's too bad the rest of the car won't quite be on the same performance level as a 5th. Gen., but hey, it's lighter and will probably run away from it in the straights, and be pretty close in the turns. The car in that aritcle, with the suspension mods', would surely keep-up... at least

Great post.
An LS3 in a 4th gen (with certain other neccesary upgrades for stability and safety) will definately kill the 2010 SS in the straights since the car is lighter and more aerodynamic even if it is not as pretty or popular a body style..

It would definately get closer to an LS3 Vette in speed than a stock 2010 SS will.
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