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Originally Posted by PaceSS View Post
Does anyone know how to find out what # your car is. My dealership told me that mine was #40, but for some reason i don't trust them.
Congrats on the car and Welcome to the club...

294 of these were built and they were not numbered.
200 were sold by 187 different dealers,
50 went to Indy and
44 went to Canada.

Becky and I asked Mike Judge about numbering and he found nothing. The only ones that got numbered were the 50 festival cars that had to have temporary Indiana Tags to drive on the streets and was not a sequence from GM.

Originally Posted by guiLT View Post
Just asking... Howd you meet him?
Check out post #3 we met up at Fastlane while getting mods installed... We exchanged cards and he was on his way. He did say it would be a daily driver. There were about 10 of these delivered to the general Houston area.

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