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big time

No doubt your new thread with video, pics, dyno graphs, etc. will make the homepage!

This is the single biggest thing to happen in the v6 community up to this point, so pretty easy to understand we are all anxious for Thurs and the weekend to come!

I (we) very excited to see actual numbers, but getting detailed feedback, pictures and a maybe a video or two will give us so many answers to questions that have been populating around FI and the v6. (Not to mention we want to see how many ponies this will unlock!)

But this is really great - we'll all on the edge of our seats waiting to see what you can share with us!

Thank you thank you for ordering and installing this kit! - (But please also include a list of parts this kit has as their website does not mention anything yet) - Also let us know what extras you ordered (such as the ball bearing turbo option, etc - and share what those prices were if you dont mind sharing)

Thanks again!
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