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Quite frankly if you think about, the Camaro has been doing fantastic in sales as there has really been no marketing for it all, unless you consider the Transformer movies. Analyze things okay, the new mustang has put up a deal of marketing in tv spots and magazine ads just to sell 8,900 units in June, that's just 1,400 more units than the Camaro which really has no marketing for it really. The 5th gen Camaro itself has become a pop icon within the past two years with just word of mouth and such not just with car enthusiasts and adults but children as well.

If you have child pick between a toy mustang or toy camaro they picked the Cam because of bumblebee. I know that Cam-heads are rolling their eyes cause of transformers and that's fine, but what that does is make the Camaro more apparent to the adults because of what their child likes or is interested in.

So in consideration on how little money that GM has put into marketing quite possibly their top selling vehicle, the amount of units that sold in comparison just under 1500 units from the Stang and also the huge amount of anticipation of the Z28 and convertible still to come with current sales still strong. The Camaro and GM has been a great success even with these sales, the true outlook and final comparison will probably be within 5 months of the new mustang sales to see how they slide or increase on both companies to determine a true pony car winner.
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