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First off, this is an awesome DIY video. Thanks for taking the extra time to film it for us...

I got my antenna from Rogers Chevrolet and went to work on it today. Just wanted to share a couple notes I had on the install.

1) I didn't quite pull enough of the headliner down to get my big head up there. ...I needed to pull it out just past the B pillar about half way down the side window so it would drop down a little more for me. At first I didn't go past the B-pillar at all and it was pretty tight.

2) Chris you are awesome with that screwdriver and one handed un-plug.... I failed...(errr gave up quickly) so I just popped both plugs out of the holder where I could get 2 hands on it. This worked VERY well and did not require a screwdriver. There is a press point on the plug to release the lock. Below are pictures of the backside of both plugs since this isn't shown in the vid.

Thanks again Chris... If I had to read the instructions that came with it I'd still be working on it...
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