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Originally Posted by Chrisrp454 View Post
Ok so I just want to inprove daily driving experiance. It seems like my 98Z28 is easier to hold going straight, neither car has any susppension mods.
I was thinking I needed to upgrade sways, but after this it looks like the first step would be Installing Pedders EP6578 and EP1200 inserts.
Spot on. After those go in get the Camaro aligned, not because the installation of parts requires an alignment, but because the OE alignment is a bit numb.

add a bit of toe out to your alignment on the front wheel. Not much, jut a touch .10 Toe out each wheel. Take the camber in front to -1 per wheel. set the rear to zero toe and half the front camber. These three changes will give your Camaro a dramatically improved feel.
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