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Originally Posted by CAMAR0 View Post
Where does the oil come out of on the motor when it gets pumped back to the turbo?
Right below the oil filter is the pressure sensor and you put in an included t-fitting. From there, they provide a 1/4 in. stainless steel line that routes along the center of the car (with the wastegate hose) and the after you get over the rear, the stainless goes to the top of the turbo on the passenger side (wastegate on driver side). The return hose goes from the bottom of the turbo unit and up along the passeger side (like the intake piping) which is then hooked-up to the STS oil pump which is mounted in the passenger front wheel well (I think I included a picture). You then attach a line from the pump back to the motor and the oil is returned via a modified oil fill cover (you should be able to see this in one of the pictures I posted).
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