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Originally Posted by SSC Super Venom View Post
Ya but there is a big performance differnece between a V6 Mustang and a V6 Camaro
Yeah, um... they couldn't even get the hp numbers correct in that vid, none of those figures are worthy, or should I say... nothing in that video is reputable enough for documenting. (I want that 2 min of my life back)


As for Dodge... kudos! You folks put together some of the best commercials out there. Love the attitude, the product, and the Red, White, n' Blue runnin' through your veins!

Ford, your commercials... eh, they pretty much blow! How many damn times do you gotta tell us "31 mpg". Alright already... geez! That said... your product is ok by me. I'll probably never own one... but America is alright with Ford representin' it.

As for a Camaro commercial... I'd love to see it! They don't need to, and in fact... not putting out a commercial might even create more 'buzz'. But just as a fan... I think the Camaro deserves its very own commercial. And it better be a worthy commercial... if/when!
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