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Excellent post Tag.

I have a service department and 16% of all the work done in there is warranty pay. We are booked everyday of the week serviceing customers so in short YES Chevrolet makes a great product but they are machines and machines can and will break. Its kind of like life insurance hopefully you wont need it but if you do and dont have it your family is screwed. Many people cant cme up with 3-6 thousand dollars to repair some of these sophisticated vehciles and its much easier to make a small monthly payment to have peace of mind. Theres always a ying and yang some will never need it and others will use it more than once its all about peace of mind for me.

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I'll get it.

I have the extended warranty for my current 02 SS which is actually transferable to the person that buys it from me when I sell it next year. Only costs $100 to transfer it. But, I've used it to replace the transmission and two window motors. Cost? $1,200 for the warranty. Cost for the tranny and window motors? about $4,000. Was it worth it? Do the math!

Yeah....I'll buy one.

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