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7 pages down and I had no idea....

I'd heard of the build, but never knew until I actually jumped in the thread and hit every page....I gotta say, I'm speechless!

I have to say that you are one lucky guy. I mean this in the most respectful way I can. There are those of us who dream about it....then there are those of us who actually get to sit down in the seat of the Camaro and drive it off the lot...then those of us who get to add bits and pieces to make it "theirs," ....and then there's the "speedster" mod. I see superchargers going on some of these bad boys and a few of my buds have gotten to be able to play. I lay my head down at night and dream of my "little list" that is ever growing in my build thread....hehe.... But then I took a peek in here.

HOLY *#*$%&#*#(@!!!!!!!!!!!!

What it comes down to is...there are builds....and then there are builds...

Good sir, this looks to be "that" build thread that makes everyone's eyes bulge a bit more, makes the husbands turn to their wives and say, "See honey? Like that. That's what I really want to do."

With that, I'm subscribed.

You have an awesome build going on and when it's done, this is going to be the biggest and best BUILT car in existence. There IS NO OTHER like it.

But you'd better watch out....cause when I win the lotto, I'm copying your build!!!


Congrats on everything. I can't wait to see the finished product in person one of these days (and sure has hell can't wait to see it in some videos).

Thanks for the read!!!

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