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Originally Posted by Z Madness View Post
Yeah, the boost doesn't really kick-in in 1st gear much, probably around 3K or so and then only gets to about 5 psi, but second gear is pretty strong since the rpm's are already at around 3k and boost is already at 5 psi then tops at around 7 psi by about 4k. I know the boost gauge wasn't in focus. We need to get a camera mount for inside the car. Hopefully on the dyno runs we get a clearer picture of the HP/TQ curves.
You know.. I made my own camera mount. got a 5/8" copper pipe from Home Depot, line it up on the head rest, mark the areas that the bars are at, drill some holes evenly spaced and use a u-bolt, then drill another hole at the end of the pipe, and screw on a camera mount, pop some end caps on it, paint it, call it a day. works great! and costs about $15.00.

I like the piller pod you got too, cant wait to see some more videos and that dyno sheet.
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