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dyno graph

Here is the original dyno pull testing that was done on this car from a outside 3rd party. It was done on a Eddy Current dyno. This usually provides lower numbers due to the load bearing that is put on the rollers. It gives a more accurate number that is closer to real world conditions. We use it to test gains and find out peak power numbers. In the end 390 -396 hp is what we have seen with our kit and the required tune. We gave those numbers of gains according to this dyno session of testing. Every car can be different and we just posted what the 3rd party found with our car. We are no way trying to scam anyone. We are just posting information on what we have found. At the end of it you get 390-396 hp at the wheel with our kit and a tune. We appreciate the criticism from our customers and potential customers because we see it as valuable information. We use it to create better products and hopefully more happy customers. Thank you and we appreciate you guys considering us for your purchase.
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