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Originally Posted by Wacker View Post
That is the standard way to tune this TCC. At MPH below 55ish the verter likes to lock/unlock (seeking desired slip) burning the aftermarket clutches. You can see it doing this in the logs. There is some special code not allowing full pressure. I have mine set to only lock in 5th and 6th at 60mph and above. I'll get it figured out and continue to post on this thread.
It's called Pulse Width Modulation and currently neither EFI Live or HP Tuners allows for it to be turned off in the 6L80 (although it can be in the 4L60/4L80).

The reason it's put in there is for driving comfort and it can burn up the aftermarket clutches however I just had Yank go through my converter (after recently blowing my transmission) and he said the lockup clutch was holding up just fine after a year.
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