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Originally Posted by diarmadhi View Post
All true... unfortnatly even Lo Jack has been hacked... $110 lead blanket + flatbed and it cant transmit, Yes its been done especially with pro car thiefs...

Make sure you have insurance and just make smart decisions.. park in the garage, park in well lit places, park where you can see your car, park where it would be obvious if someone is trying to steal it..

Other wise there is nothing you can do.
Sorry, I know this is a rumor has been around the net, however, gotta throw the on that one.

1 - As stated previously, you gotta know the car is equipped with lojack

2- You gotta know where it's installed, which can be a great variety of places in the car; front, top, sides, rear

3- If the thief has that kind of personal info, it's far easier to cut the GPS antenna than carry around a 100 lb blanket - which by the way in the places GPS antennas require to be installed, that blanket would slide off the car as soon as the vehicle moves anyway unless someone holds it in place the whole time

4- Blanket would only block GPS reception, not cellular unless you cover the ENTIRE car (of which they don't make lead blankets anywhere near that size), so lojack would still get notified of theft, just wouldn't have accurate coordinates (until the blanket fell off the car)

5- Lead blankets are used for nuclear shielding purposes, and as such, you have to have some sort of affiliation with such to purchase (hospital, power plant, university, etc) - this is still plausible however since these items probably aren't tracked to well, and a fake company name could probably be used... also, since it's their line of work, if they chose to steal these as well, it would have to be acquired early before the blanket is used for shielding to avoid radiation contamination / poisoning

So long story short, since the blanket wouldn't cut your cell reception (unless wrapped 360 degrees, which is implausible), lojack will still be notified. Knowing that, then the main purpose of the above would be to block the location data. Since in this scenario the thieves "happen to know" the location of the GPS antenna, it's far easier for them to bring $5, 12 oz wire cutters/pliers than a $100-5000, 60-500 lb lead blanket

So thus the
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