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Originally Posted by madmaxx18 View Post
hey I was wondering if you don't mind me asking could you pm the place you got those rims from and how much they cost. Also was curious what size 275 those are 275-?-19"
That car is bad ass looking. I'm looking for my next mods I want to buy when I get back home at the end of the summer. I'm thinking of doing 275-30-19 in the front and 305-30-19 in the rear.
The rims are from Nutek and they are the 505 model which I had custom painted. Contact Nine Ball on the forum; he's a dealer and can give you pricing. Tire size is 275/40 19 on all 4 wheels. I'm building a road car as opposed to a drag racer so handling was more important to me than just rear tire grip.

Thank you for the compliment

A 30 is a pretty low profile tire and you'll feel it; they don't ride as comfortably as a 40 profile. That's not an issue for a 1/4 miler though so it depends on what you intend to use it for. I wanted some sidewall flex to help absorb the shock of supporting such a heavy car while on the street and a road course. The car handles beautifully and has a very snug but comfortable ride. Going around a corner at speed it predictably goes from mild understeer to neutral to very mild oversteer as you control it with the throttle. And this is with the factory sways! I'm studying sway bar options at the moment to decide what to do there.

If things go right my next performance mod will be a one-piece carbon fiber driveshaft.

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