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I finally had the clutch stick. Been lurking and reading. Now I need help.
I took the car to the dealer today. I was told there was no problem, bring it back if it happens again. Excactly what I expected , not what I wanted! I am not patient, I admit: But it is because of the way I have come to expect to be treated by service personell dealing with issues people have.
In the waiting room a man got angry that a thermostat replacement is going to cost him 300.00 then the lady across from me got the news that her headlight out was going to cost her 6hundred and some odd dollars. I knew I was next....
The bulletin they gave me dated 6-1 from GM says it is the drivers fault their clutch sticks to the floor, because they have used launch control and let the clutch out too slow.
NOW. I let the clutch out all at once the other day. Cold car just pulled down to the highway and was pulling onto to the highway from a slight uphill stop. I was actually going to take off hard with traction control off. NOT IN LAUNCH MODE. I have only tried that competitive mode a couple times with the car when it just a few moths old.
There was RPMs, car moving out slowly, and smoke before I noticed the clutch was only a couple inches off the floor.!
Being impatient, I am not happy with the result of my dealer service, WHICH was only, :I dont see anything wrong, and here is a bullitin that says its your problem!
What should I do???
Can you guys give me some advice. This is the first problem I have had with my car. And I just bought another vehicle from this dealer. Jim Bishop Chevrolet in Tuscumbia, Alabama.
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