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Originally Posted by SSPooler2010 View Post
Sorry Pete, I havent been on in a while due to trying to get through Surgery and Finals and Graduation and a Funeral. No my problem is not resolved, I have been working with the GM Executive Offices for a couple of months now with no resolution. I am now having problems with the Passenger seat lever (On the back of the seat) sticking, already had that in for service (2 days in the shop got it back yesterday) still wasnt fixed and I am still wanting for the dealership to call me back even though I called 5 minutes after I left, taking it back today they are going to replace the entire seat. The Service Airbag alert keeps coming up and they are telling me that the computer is not showing where this is happening even though it has happened several times. It started on my trip home to KY for my fathers Funeral and I have had in the shop twice for that I have been informed that when that warning comes up that my airbag will not deploy for my protection to keep it from deploying when it is not supposed to, BUT it will not deploy if the light is on and I am in an accident. My onstar is a total disaster (couldnt download the directions to the car several times on the previous mention trip to KY) Was also telling me to take turns where there were not roads, or they were dead ends. Then on top of that Liano in GM Executive Offices keeps telling me there is no fix for my USB issue and there isnt going to be one until probably mid july. Now my A/C is not working as well as it was, it seems very weak. When I drove to KY I froze my butt off, now it is not working like that (yes I use the recirculation button and everything turned up full blast)

So needless to say I am beginning to regret my purchase. My husband still wants to keep the car but I am getting to the point where I just want my money back. There is no reason to be having this many problems with my brand new car. I am ridiculously tired of not receiving call backs when I leave messages for Liano (perfect example, left two messages last Wed & Thurs as of yesterday I still had not received a call back and at that point I called back and asked to speak to Liano's supervisor/manager and was informed that the GM Executive Office Staff is as high as I can go and that I needed to speak with Liano. Another Message left, I waited a couple of hours and called back again and once again had to be insistent and very firm they finally tracked him down and he took the call. He informed me that he didn't get the messages. That is CRAP because I left the messages on HIS voicemail myself.

I am really just tired of the games.
SSPooler2010, very sorry to hear about your continued frustration. It sounds like you had/have a lot on your plate. I can understand and appreciate your frustration. I can tell you that there are people at GM who care about you and your issue and I know they are looking into it. I am sure it is difficult, but just hang in there. Hopefully things will get resolved.

Originally Posted by piticu667 View Post
Can someone please help? My pressure plate cracked at 9000 miles.I do have all the extended warranty crap and the dealer took the car in for the fix but they are unable to locate the part been waiting for the part for more than a week. I have tried several times to escalate the issue with Chevy customer service for about a week now and I still cannot get anywhere.
There is no excuse for a brand new car to break this often and for the dealers to tell me they are unable to locate parts.
Does anyone know of a way to just give the car back? I will be more than happy taking a 1000$ loss just to get rid of the darn thing. What 's the lemon law anyway?
Any update on your replacement part? I have to say that I am a little confused at your mention of the car breaking this often. Sounds like you have had just one issue. Anyway, sorry the replacement part is taking time.

Originally Posted by DHUGHF View Post
I am dealing with my dealer now on swirl marks & paint chipping! I feel that I am not going to get what I am looking for. My Camaro SS only has 1650 miles I drive it once a week. I was not told when I bought it that black would show swirl marks so I feel that they should replace the car with another color of my choice! The service manager told me he was going to contact his district manager. So I guess I will wait to see what happens. Thanks for the info on your thread.
Wow. I don't even know what to write to your post. I am sorry that your car has swirl marks on it and that you have a scum-bag dealer (in my opinion based on the fact that they told you black wouldn't swirl). However, you should have done a little homework and research. All colors can swirl if not properly cared for. There are things you can do to remove paint swirls. Search on here (or just about anywhere online) about swirl marks and properly caring for your car. Paint swirls definitely aren't a reason to get a replacement car.

Originally Posted by BA-Jackpot View Post
I finally had the clutch stick. Been lurking and reading. Now I need help.
I took the car to the dealer today. I was told there was no problem, bring it back if it happens again. Excactly what I expected , not what I wanted! I am not patient, I admit: But it is because of the way I have come to expect to be treated by service personell dealing with issues people have.
In the waiting room a man got angry that a thermostat replacement is going to cost him 300.00 then the lady across from me got the news that her headlight out was going to cost her 6hundred and some odd dollars. I knew I was next....
The bulletin they gave me dated 6-1 from GM says it is the drivers fault their clutch sticks to the floor, because they have used launch control and let the clutch out too slow.
NOW. I let the clutch out all at once the other day. Cold car just pulled down to the highway and was pulling onto to the highway from a slight uphill stop. I was actually going to take off hard with traction control off. NOT IN LAUNCH MODE. I have only tried that competitive mode a couple times with the car when it just a few moths old.
There was RPMs, car moving out slowly, and smoke before I noticed the clutch was only a couple inches off the floor.!
Being impatient, I am not happy with the result of my dealer service, WHICH was only, :I dont see anything wrong, and here is a bullitin that says its your problem!
What should I do???
Can you guys give me some advice. This is the first problem I have had with my car. And I just bought another vehicle from this dealer. Jim Bishop Chevrolet in Tuscumbia, Alabama.
I am not clear based on your write-up what exactly you did or were doing when the clutch stuck. I am confused as to why you would be dropping the clutch in non-competitive mode. If it only stuck once under those circumstances, then I am not sure you actually have a problem. If it happens under "normal" driving conditions, then I would say you have cause for concern. Can you provide more details on exactly what you were doing when it stuck?
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