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Originally Posted by Z Madness View Post
By the way, I've been curious to note that I have not seen a lot (practically none) of discussion about the DSO Camaro at SEMA 2009. They won the category for best interior but no one seems to mention the fact that they had a STS TWIN set-up on a V-6. Seems everyone only discussed the Leno Twin. If anyone knows Chris Mangum, perhaps they can provide some additional insight. Also, I believe DSV Customs, a C5 vendor, did the interior for the car. My understanding from STS is the car has been on tour and runs fine. I had discussed with STS the benefits of a TWIN vs. Single for our V-6's but the single set-up can be made to run up to 750 HP. The issue is how much the engine/drive train can handle. Since there is a lack of "upgrades" for bottom half/drive train, I figured the single was more than enough (and much less costly). Once I get the meth/boost controller, I should be able to run up to 10 psi (but probably street a lot less).

Remote Mount Twin Turbo 2LT1 RS

Carbon fiber even makes an appearance under the hood with a carbon fiber top high-flow filter feeding the twin turbo 2LT1 RS that delivers 454hp and 427lb-ft of torque.
A full suspension upgrade of race spec coilovers, struts, and sway bars, with E8 engine mounts & suspension bushings has been provided via Pfadt Performance. A Brembo Gran Turismo High Performance Package with 15 two-piece floating rotors, 6-piston calipers up front and 4-piston in the rear, provide the stopping power.

ok once again Im no genius over here nor am I claiming to be when it comes to the turbo but I thought after reading many threads on this site the turbo makes killer horse power but very little torque and if thats so how can the LT with the turbo have 427 lb -ft?
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