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Originally Posted by zerox View Post
I am looking at some Eibach's as well, Now I don't know really anything about suspension but I know Eibach is a highly recommended brand. I was looking at the springs and bars for 600.00 on ZZ moto's website. I might consider that. What kinda improvements are we talking? I had RK sport lowering springs in my sunfire before I sold it and it made the ride very stiff, solid but stiff. Are the eibachs like that was well?
I've got almost 15k miles on my Eibach set up. Other than the bushings not being "tuned" prior to the alignment being done, the ride is very comfortable and awesome on the twistys.

Make sure that the car is put on a drive on ramp after everything is installed but before it is tightened up. You want to do your final tightening with the car at its finished height vs up in the air. It makes a HUGE difference in ride quality.
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