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Arrow [COTW 11/29/10]: My 2011 IOM 2SS/RS's journey


IOM Heritage Grill
Satin black tail light bezels
Satin black/IOM Bumblebee style bowties
CCW SP16a Wheels

ADM Race Cold Air Intake
Kooks Complte exhaust - 1 7/8 headers with high flow cats and 3" pipes
NOWEEDS Diverters
Edelbrock E-FORCE Super Charger w 3.25 pullet (8-9 psi)
Custom COMP Cam
Comp valve springs
Trunion upgrade on rockers
KB Boost-A-Pump
65 lb FAST Injectors
custom Dyno tune
ACT Twin disc clutch

H&R Drop Springs
BMR trailing Arms
BMR front and rear sway bars
BMR front and rear sway bar ends
Hawks Ceramic pads to keep the dust down.

Barton Shifter
Lloyds custom floor mats

I'd love to have a name for my car by now but names are earned and so far it hasen't hit me. Hopefully the SS doesnt get a name like my IROC has. Ive named it Mother F#$%er because she always fights me when I work on it.

The SS's journey began in April 2010 when I decided it was time to dive in and get a brand spankin new Camaro. Ive owned a 78 Z28, 86 IROC, a 98 and a 1970 but never had I had the pleasure of ordering and buying exactly what I want in a new car.

Knowing that they were adding the HUD in 2011, there was no thought of getting a 2010. I gathered all the hot info on 2011 ordering I could find on Camaro5 from the great dealers such as CamaroScotty. Once I learned when the 2011 orders could be placed, I started checking with my local dealers. Two of them didnt even know when orderes could be placed, the third could place it but wouldnt honor a GM Supplier discount on an ordered car . Already aggrivated I gave up my hunt. I dont have alot in the patience department.

I noticed CamaroScotty saying he had two allocations for the first build week of 2011 and was taking deposits to reserve them. I jumped in and ended up getting the second one. As the order date got close Scott informed me his allocation got cut and mine would move from the 6/7 build week to 6/14. Another week of waiting wont kill me right??? On 5/10 my order was accepted a 2011 IOM 2SS/RS with the IOM interior. Stayed with the stock RS wheels since I knew Id replace them.

Now it was decision time. I had to sell one of my vehicles, either the 86 IROC or my 70 Camaro. Ive had the IROC since 1998 and have done massive mods to it. Its become a family member even though as I mentioned its name above, we dont always get along. the decision was made to sell the 70. I figured it would take a few weeks to sell and I had time so Id drive her every chance I could up till then. I put is on Craigslist on a Sunday and Monday morning a guy drove 4 hours in a rollback and took her away. happy but sad :( day. I never expected it to sell so quick and I got a very fair price. Id had it 4 years and sold it for $2k over what I paid. The only work I had done was replacing the 4 spd shifter.

Here it is getting loaded up:

Fast forward to June. The wait has been killing me much more than expected. During this time Ive been doing gobs of research and started ordering parts to customize the SS to my liking. Sitting in my shop was new wheels, drop springs, complete exhaust, heritage grill, shifter and oh yeah one of those little boosty things... a super charger! my buddy thought I was nuts buying all this and still didnt have the car but I know the wait is 3-4 weeks on many Camaro parts still.

My TPW week arrives, June 14th! I had a feeling that after this agonizing wait that my car would be built at the end of the week just to add more stress. Starting 6/14 I checked in with Scott each day to see if it had been built. Finally on Friday I got word that it was born on Thursday 6/17! Its alive and becoming a reality .

Now Im buring up every 5 minutes witing to get shipping information. After about a week it make it to a rail car. Those numebrs are now burned into my brain as I called every 15 minutes to see whenre the rail car was. 1800-235-2352, 1 , 32-81-81-92, 710245!!!! The car hit a railyard near chicago on 6/27 which was its last stop on the train. Now the wait continues for a truck to haul it up to Scott's dealership near Milwaukee. On Friday 7/2 i get the call from Scott telling me the car has arrived . Right away I ask for pictures. You never feel good till you see that its the right color!

Here are the pics Scott sent and I grabbed all my buddies at the office to show them my new baby!

11 IOM 2SS/RS E-Force Supercharged. 616 RWHP/578 RWTQ. Click link for my journal!!!

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