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LOL, I could see these responses about this car on that show from 4 years away.

The Camaro really isn't a very good performance car (stock), it's too fat (like most Americans! hah). I lost about 90% of my excitement for it as soon as I saw the official weights come out, and why I didn't even bother buying the V8. :/
That being said, they could have at least used the LS3/manual. As much as they like to race and shift, that surprises me. Though, it could have been a ploy to make the Camaro look even worse. It wouldn't surprise me, heh.
I agree with Jeremy, that AMG engine is kickass, but the car is ugly as all hell.

All GM needed to do was lose 500 lbs. from the Camaro, it'd be golden. :( (As if that would be an easy feat, heh). Maybe next gen.

Murderer? that's a new one on me, lol.
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