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I am a Brit, living here in Dallas (have done for 8 years now). Finally a proud owner of an American Muscle car (my Camaro 2011 2SS/RS).

I've watched Top Gear pretty much since I was a kid, back home and here in the USA. Us Brits do have an odd sense of humor, which is fine, but I have to say, (even being slightly bias as I own a Camaro) that the comparison really wasn't fair.

One car at 72,000 and one at 40,000... that just doesn't make sense. Even the bhp and torque figures are nowhere near each other... the only 'close' comparison is the 6.3 vs 6.2 liter engine... which is a stretch.

It was an excuse to drive two powerful cars and have fun. Of course one would win over the other, and we wanted it to be the car we all love.

However, this time, the car costing almost twice as much won in the 'comparison'.

I'm not too disheartened to be honest. It's one persons opinion. Opinions are like a$$holes. We all have them.
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