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Originally Posted by BA-Jackpot View Post
I was just leaving home when this happened. I turned the traction control off. Took off from a stop by quickly letting off of the clutch and putting the pedal down. There is a slight hill where I stop going onto the highway. Only turned the traction control off a couple times recently. Just getting brave enough to do that. But have never had a manual car that the clutch pedal didnt come up when you pick your foot up.
BA-Jackpot, Thanks for the additional clarification. Did you just have the traction control off or were you in "launch mode"? Either way, I still an unclear why you would just drop the clutch like that. If you read the owner's manual around section 8-35, it will provide you with how to properly use the launch control:

"Launch Control (V8 with Manual Transmission Models Only)

Launch Control uses a form of traction control specifically tuned to
optimize tire spin while launching the vehicle during closed track events and
competitive driving. The feature is activated when the vehicle is at
rest while in Competitive Mode. See Competitive Driving Mode on
page 8-37 for more information. At rest, if the accelerator pedal is
pressed to the floor with the clutch engaged, the RPM is limited to a
predetermined level. A smooth, quick release of the clutch while keeping
the accelerator pedal on the floor will provide controlled wheel spin for
consistent acceleration. Complete shifts as described in Manual
Transmission on page 8-30."

If you were just dropping the clutch like that to smoke the tires, then you need to do some reading online of how to properly do that. Either way, it sounds to me like what you experienced is exactly what the bulletin and your dealer stated: user error.
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