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Originally Posted by BA-Jackpot View Post
Appaerantly camaropete thinks I cant drive;cause I have written something he dont like??
I said I let the clutch all the way out all at once, or quickly, ( something like that) to make sure you know, I DIDNT slip the clutch. I also said it wasnt in launch mode.
So why did he explain to me how use it?
I also said I put the pedal down. That is the throttle, how else do you get the car to go? Does he have another way to get a car to go??
He also said I have abused my car... Do I know him? Does he live next door??
I havent been to the dragstrip, I havent abused my car, I HAVE driven over the speed limit. I havent done burnouts, And I am just now turning the traction control off once in a while just to see the difference in driving.
So why does this stranger who seems to want to help; tell me I dont know how to drive?
I dont care how long he has drivin a manual shift. I think he is a know it all.

BA-Jackpot, Sorry if I offended you. As I said, that wasn't my intent. I definitely wasn't turning this into something personal. Have you had any other issues with your clutch since you first experienced the behavior you described? If you have, then I would take the car back to the dealer and see if you can reproduce it for them. If you can and they still aren't correcting the issue to your satisfaction, then come back here and follow the escalation procedure outlined in this thread.
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