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Originally Posted by daphatgrant View Post
...There are 2 things we want to make very clear. 1. At this time we are a solely upstate NY group but encourage people from all over NY, the US, and the world to come join us in our thread and at our events. 2. While we are primarily a 5th generation Camaro group we welcome anyone into our group regardless of what vehicle you own or dream of owning. Most if not all of our events/meets will be held somewhere in the upstate NY area....
What do you define the "upstate boundaries" as? If you're recruiting from Buffalo (not that I have any problem with it), you're just as likely to recruit from Albany in the other direction, right?

That said, I would be honored to join your group; however, timing for meets sucks right now. I have travel baseball starting up for my younger boy (9), am leaving for Aruba Aug 7-14, have the Oshawa shindig the following weekend, etc, etc, etc... I'm just "booked"- not a bad thing considering what's involved- just the way it is.

Bottom line- sign me up. although I may appear non-existent in the near future. :(
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