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Originally Posted by Darth_Emma View Post
Well, dang! I've been checking your thread frequently for the last 2 weeks hoping your wheels would magically appear. My fingers and toes are crossed and all good wishes are aimed your way hoping that this is the end of your wheel issues. They will henceforth give you years and years of trouble free joy rides!
Well, tribone put them on his car at Savini and rode with them and said they are good, so all there is to do now is wait.

Originally Posted by Indpowr View Post
Wait till everyone sees his new interior that is coming...

Originally Posted by Darth_Emma View Post
Oh, do tell! PQ, are you keeping secrets? We want to know!
Originally Posted by mlee View Post

Yup, ordered the orange leather I was thinking about. Door panels, dash panels and gauge shroud around the gauges and shifter. (whatever the hell that thing is called) I hate the shiny plastic. Just think it would look better with leather. I lose ABL, but never really was a fan anyway.
Plus, an orange heritage grill ordered from Becky. I'm gonna be busy with some install vids. (BeckyD@RogersChevrolet, of course, lol)

Originally Posted by IBMCamaro View Post
Even more important.... why is a "steak" knife there???
The better to................... uh............... hell, I don't know.....

Originally Posted by Stang_Killer View Post
You ever think of having your calipers powder-coated Randy? Mike in the vendors section does an excellent job and the price isn't bad at all
Yup. Black.

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