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Originally Posted by View Post
the Pedders Camaro is running a Tire 305/30/19. the diameter is 26.20 inches. This changes the rear gear ratio from a 2.42 to a overall of 3.73

This works seriously well

Wow Mike, your post is confusing me.
The stock SS has 3.27 gears for the auto and 3.45 for the manual - right?
The tire size changes should produce an 26.2/28.66 or .914 factor.
So I am not following or getting the point you are making.

Would you clarify?


Edit --> Mike I think I figured this out, believe you have a typo.
Your tire changes should be like changing gears in auto to a 3.57 and the manual to a 3.77; correct me if I am in error.

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