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Originally Posted by menendez1293 View Post
Dude great story. I give you a lot of props for paying for the car with all of your money. I get a lot of things from some people because i got my car for free. Im 16 and my baby will be one on aug 17 2010. Shes number 36,498 and is a RY 2LT/RS. sounds like you have had alot of fun with your car just like i have. We will be making a group in my town and i will be so happy to be around people that have one thing in common. A burning passion for the camaro. Now how you lead the cars i know just that feeling. For the camaro5 feast the Canada group didnt know how to get to the track. Since i had talked to them the night before they asked if they could follow me to the track i said of course. I had my backed up into a line and little did i know i had around 5 camaros behind me. I thought that was a lot. Now i had the directions the hotel gave me and the ones my gps was giving me. The GPS tells me get on I-75 so i give it a little gas on the on ramp and they accelerate behind me. So once im on I-75 i look in my mirrors and the line got bigger. I had at least 15 camaros behind me. I was so happy. We get to the track with no problems and that was a relief cause i didnt want all of us getting lost. Well all i got to say is thanks for the great people in canada for building us this great machine that is more than just a car to me.
WOW first tiem I seen another guy on here whose 16 and has a 5th gen camaro I thought I was the only one
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