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OK, so I've been a little remiss in not posting due to vacation-itis...

Here is some of the suspension components chosen for their particular ability to support getting the power to the track.

First pic is of the Spohn suspension components. These were ordered with the optional Del-Sphere pivot joints on each end where possible. Basically these are chromoly spherical inners and outers, but with a thin delrin bushing material in between. These will not allow deflection in the rear suspension under launch but at the same time provide zero resistance to rotational motion which allows for max weight transfer at the track.

Second pic is of the drag coil overs we ended up choosing for the SST. These things are beyond beefy - large, solid, all chromoly components. These will hold up under the hardest of wheelstands. Springs are guaranteed to be within 2% tolerance for life, which is why we can trade spring rates for no additional cost. These coilovers have independent rebound and compression settings to adjust for varying track conditions.

Third pic is of the suspension goodies. The orange pieces in the middle are the Pfadt solid engine mounts. Pfadt also provided their solid rear subframe mounts that will be shown later. Nothing but the best from Pfadt.
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