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Last set of pics for tonight.

Since the SST needs to first and foremost be a street car, certain "items" need to be kept hidden when not in use. One of these is the parachute. When running at speeds greater than 150 mph in the 1/4 mile or 180 mph at the Maxton Mile a parachute is required. So we had to come up with a good way to mount one where no one would know most of the time. We found a location where it could be tied in to the frame and structural integrity of the rollcage, so that was done. Originally I had asked if we could just use a Class 3 receiver hitch but that was frowned on, so the fabrication guys went to work and made reinforcement plates and a tubular chromoly receiver for the chute mount.

The coolest part about this is that you can drive the car to the track, pop off the license plate, stick the chute pack on the back, make your runs, yank the chute pack back off, put the plate back on and drive home. Pretty neat...

First Pic - What the chute mount looks like with the license plate removed. This mount is rock solid in linear pull, as well as vertical and horizontal sheer strength.

Second Pic - This give you an idea of how beefy the mounting is. It is integrated directly in to the SST's structure.

Third Pic - the mount minus the actual chute pack. Looks like the SST has a tail...
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