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Originally Posted by PQ View Post
So then I do it like that. If the cheif reason to wait on the headers and exhaust is to save money on the tuning, I may just say screw it and spend the money. I'd hate to pass it up and it be well over a year before I can drop the cake on the Maggie.

I know it sounds odd, but I litteraly don't know how long it will be til I can get it done. (the Maggie) It may be 3 months, it may be 6 months, it may be well over a year.
Having re-thought my comments...go get the headers now...the sound is killer ('especially if you've got THR mufflers...but I'm biased), and you don't NEED to tune them until you get the supercharger. So no money lost, and it'll actually be spread out across a longer period of time.

I can't quite justify a supercharger when I get my little monster...but I wish I could, I'd be right there with you!

Originally Posted by Darth_Emma View Post
Oh yeah, about mods... some over zealous mod (who shall remain nameless, cough, cough) once issued a warning to lil ol' me! - harmless lil me! (Said mod did retract said warning... much grovelling was involved on my part.)
Meh, He'll back off if you bark loud enough. Such a mushy do-gooder.... Love ya', buddy!!
"Keep the faith." - Fbodfather
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