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Originally Posted by Stang_Killer View Post
Did you need some kind of adapter for your bow-tie to fit on the heritage? I haven't ordered one because I didn't want to lose the bow-tie up front.
No. You just drill little holes where you see the arrows in the pic here. And use zip ties. Trust me, they will hold better than any stock emblem. Easy to drill the holes too.

Buy a grill from Becky. She can have the paint matched perfect. Install was really easy too. Hell, I'll give you my cell and talk you through it. it's really that easy.

Originally Posted by BeckyD@RodgersChevrolet View Post
Looks great Randy. Still have all your fingers?? No cuts, scrapes or blood? Little projects like this keep you from you are welcome
Nope. Funny you say that. Last night Bonnie came out with a cup of coffee for me and said "Please don't break anything"

I said, it's just a car, I can fix it. It's an easy install.

She said, "I'm not talking about the car"
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