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Based on my recent test-drive of the beautiful Camaro, I would like to see the following changes:

-The door handles are too big, too chrome and not comfortable to use. A smaller, higher-mounted, L-Shaped door handle would be better.

-Please add option for electronic climate control where we can set the temperature and leave it.

-Prefer a standard OFF-THE-SHELF Head unit like what’s used in the Corvette, with the option for NAV, Rear view Camera / Color LCD.

-There should be an option to have the passenger seat electrically adjustable like the driver.

-The center ac outlet on the unit I drove had very sharp plastic edges and looked unfinished. I felt like we could cut our fingers across it. There should also be some kind of trim ring around the outside. It just looks a little unfinished the way the outlet sits behind the dash and the way the round adjustment knobs are black plastic inside the black plastic dash.

-The Seat belt was a little uncomfortable against my shoulder. I'm 6'2" and it always felt in the wrong position, either in the "strap" or out. Option to move it up higher would be nice.

-The retro-style gauges are cool looking but I would prefer a more modern numbering font/style. But major kudos for giving the option to see the speed in the digital information center !

-Optional, tasteful exterior Chrome window surround like on the Malibu and many other current cars of today would be nice

-The center speaker "grille" had gaps all around it. A better fitting grille would be welcome.

-In general, too much hard plastic used in the interior. Some use of a more padded feeling surface would be nice.
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