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Day 2 - the saga continues

Got a little bit of a late start... 6am comes a tad early when you're up late the night before. I had to give myself a stern talking to about the importance of punctuality.

I then documented all the areas we were really trying to focus on, the suspension was one area that was a big eye sore, as were the scrape marks on the bedsides from where the previous owner had obviously had a drop in bedliner.

The paint had not gotten overly dusty overnight so we opted to skip the rewash and instead did a complete wipe down with waterless wash and a couple of drying towels.

I started out with the PC and 4" focus pad setup to attack the areas that would need more specific attention. I worked my way around the truck buffing out the deeper scuff marks and imperfections.

Look, no more bedliner scuffs!!

Anthony concentrated his efforts on polishing the wheels, suspension, and dressing the undercarriage. One good thing about detailing a truck this big is the fact that its rather easy to work on the underside. Metal polish was used to restore the suspension, then topped off with Brilliant Spray Glaze. The finder lining as well as all the exposed frame areas and black suspension parts were treated with Invisible Undercarriage Spray.

Once the rolling stock was complete the trim was dressed, including Super VRT on any plastic or rubber and In & Out Spray to get the cowl and other hard to reach areas. Next we got set to divide and conquer! Splitting the truck down the middle, we each grabbed a bottle of Swirl & Haze Remover, Fine Machine Polish, an assortment of pads, and went to town. For the mostpart the truck was in good shape and needed minimum coaxing to get back to near perfect.

After polishing was complete the truck was given a wipe down with distilled ice water, one panel at a time. The temp had risen and I was worried that Americana would have a difficult time curing. I worked methodically, cooling the panel first, wiping dry with a fresh waterless wash towel, then applying a thin coat of Americana. I proceeded this way around the entire truck - cool, apply, remove. Once the whole truck was treated I made a second pass again starting with an ice water treatment to keep the panel cool and manageable.

While moving the truck back in the driveway earlier I had spotted some light scuffs and haze no the faux wood dash paneling. I taped off the edge nearest the navi screen where the scrapes were closest too and buffed out using the flip pad and Revive Polish. I ended up polishing out the rest of the faux wood panels and treating them to a coat of Americana.

While I focused my attention on the interior Anthony was hard at work buffing out the remaining suspension parts, doing a hand application of Machine Superwax to the wheels, then finishing everything off with a coat of Brilliant Spray Glaze.

Even managed to buff out the trailer hitch

Windows were cleaned up with Glass Cleaner and a Glass towel, final inspection, then we cleaned up, and took some pics of this badboy:

Not easy getting a reflection in this color, but we managed


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