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I'll try to hit all the answers.

The AACS car supposedly ran on 6 psi. of boost.

I have been in discussions with STS and Trifecta regarding the DYNO run and both agree that there is room for improvement. I am working with Vince on more data-logging since it appears there are some issues at the higher RPM's (5000+). STS is working on my EBC and Meth Injection and we are trying to determine what's going on this the wastegate as the boost seems a little low. I am sure we will get this system much higher but I think the best way to look at this is it does work on a very safe level. 100+ rwhp gets us slightly above a stock L99 from some of the actual numbers I've seen. And yes, the Dyno that I used is generally lower that the DynoJets. Best estimate by Dyno guys was that I would have run about 380 rwhp on a Dynojet at the same time (just estimates of course).

So, car is fine as is and can be run all day and should not present any issues as it is currently set-up. Of course, I will continue to try for more but I would say that you can safely buy the kit and get it running with some great results.

As far as warranty from GM, I have absolutely no idea about it but was impressed that you don't have to change much to get the STS kit installed. I haven't taken her in to get any service (1,100 miles so far) but when I do, I'll let everyone know what they say.

Lastly, as I don't have access to a drag strip I'll plan to get a Dashhawk for some 0-60 mph times. I went for a short cruise with a bunch of 2010's yesterday and was pleased to hear one of the V-8 guys comment that my car had some pull on the freeway (not that we were racing or anything.....).
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