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Originally Posted by OldJedi View Post
OK, I thought of a few more things over the past few months;
1. - Since the 6 piston Brembo Brakes and larger disks from the CTS-V Caddy fit the Camaro so well with very little modifications, they should also be included with the LSA engine package for the Z28.

2. - The heritage grill should offered as a painted RPO or included in the Z28 package as a painted grill.

3. - Have the engineers look at putting 275/20 tires on the front and 315/20's on the rear for the Z28 package. Also have them look at using 19" rims with 275's and 315's front and rear for the Z28. The CTS-V used 19" wheels and it would lower the Camaro a half inch.

4. - Different spring rates to lower the car about an inch and still keep it safe without any kind of rubbing. 19" wheels and lowering the car an inch would give you a .02g increase in handling.

5. - Please change the fake 'gill indents' in front of the rear wheels to REAL air intakes for the rear brakes like Jay Leno's camaro, ZR-1 and Z06

I am done for now, thanks again. Steve
After seeing the pictures of Bumble Bee from the T3 movie and the possibilities of different items from BB/T3 being used on the upcoming Z/28, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT USE THE REAR WING !! I can go with the new front bumper, the quad exhaust, really love the rear brake vent in front of tires and front air splitter. But the high rise wing simply does not go with the car. Use the SLP design or something that is a little taller than the stock rear spoiler, but please no wing!!!
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