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Originally Posted by Grandeos View Post
Hey PQ.... first off... I just wanted to say I always thought your ride was one of the best looking on the site. Love the color combo, and the wheels are siiiiick.
But that being said..... I dont like the solid IO grille. I think it's a bit overdone and throws off the agressive look of the grille.

HOWEVER... I see where you are going with it, wanting to tie-in the IO interior with the exterior, as the hood spears are not as strong (visually). So rather than keep the whole Heritage Grille orange, I would paint the outside of it black, leaving an IO outline around the grille. Then of course, paint the remaining 2 chrome pieces of the lower grille black as well. I took the liberty of photoshopping it for you.
This looks awesome!!! Still has the IO in the grille but does not stand out too much- I like it- but then again its not my car
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