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Originally Posted by ajax. View Post
Oh hell no man tons of love. Haha, I will be ordering mine within the next week or so. Thanks again for all the info, I called them up and they mentioned your setup and how you haven't had any issues etc. I did however get some info on the warranty.

It's dealer specific as to whether or not they want to allow the coverage after the turbo/addons are installed. Most usually don't have a problem because this is the same system/company that adds turbos daily to the new corvettes and almost all chevy dealers honor the warranty because it's a high demand item for the vette. Basically it shouldn't be an issue. Also he did say if for some reason they won't honor the warranty they know dealers that will.
I would be very leery of a anything someone tells you about your warranty over the phone....

Couple of things...

Big ticket items like motors, have to be approved by GM. At that point it's out of the dealerships hands. Pop your motor and the GM rep is going to have to come out and check it out... A dealership may not give you a hassle on little things and legally can't hassle on unrelated things, like your power windows stop working... but a big ticket item in your power train, like a motor or tranny... yeah, GM is probably not going to cover you... It's not the dealerships call...

Also, look at how GM is cracking down on power train warranty... they find a aftermarket tune on your ECU or any evidence of you having had one on there they void your entire power train warranty... You take your car in with the turbo on and ask them to fix your motor... well, i don't see it happening...

Now you could always return your car to stock and take it in.... but in my opinion, you want to play, you have to pay...
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