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Originally Posted by PoorMansCamaro View Post
Not sure if you can compare the two, but my buddy in his acura rsx-s with a compression ratio of 11:1 runs his turbo at around 13-15psi.
and he has stock internals? and stock fuel management and stock injectors?
If he's not and he's running that much boost, he wont be doing it for very long.

His car also has aluminium forged pistons that were designed to handle high static compression which translates into being able to deal with boost better (to a degree)

And conversely, we dont know how much boost this LLT can handle because no one has really pushed the limits up to this point (or at least there arent any in this discussion). The motor may somehow surprise everyone and hold 13 psi as well, I seriously doubt it, but you never know.

We just dont want Z blowing his motor, so everyone is trying to be conservative given the facts about this motor on paper.
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