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Originally Posted by ROD1 View Post
Not sure if it matters or what not since I know nothing about boost but it appears that the fuel pressure is about 90 on the LLT.
thats fine for lower boost levels, like 5-8 lbs of boost, but with more boost, you need for fuel.. the more boost you try to run without upgrading will cause you to start running way to lean and thats not a good thing.

I've talked to several manufacturers already, most recently i talked to the guys at Vortec at one of our local meets. they all agreed that the main set back in developing any FI kits for us, is the fact that its direct injected and theres no current aftermarket support for our fuel system.

Im sure that if we can get some companies to start developing some decent fuel system components, we can get these kits boosting at some real nice levels and put down some serious power. I for one would like to see the V6 raise the front end off the ground.
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