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Originally Posted by rez333 View Post
That's just dumb. So if a car company makes a car that reviewers universally love, that means the car company is paying everyone to say something nice?

You have very low standards for car companies, it's as if you expect them to make cars where something stinks.
Actually, it is not dumb to say that these guys are "sponsored by Ford," because guess what, they are. They drove that Shelby on Bull Run and the car was given to them by Ford. Just look through their website, there is story after story about Fords, particularly Mustangs. They are basically Ford fanboys who, like a lot of websites/TV shows/magazine mix advertising with journalism. The thing that annoys me is that the General just doesn't seem to play the game like Ford does. I'm sure if GM cultivated relationships with journalists like Ford does, they could get similar reviews.
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