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Originally Posted by ipimpthisc View Post
ok i make your won post or chart...its an open a consumer i want the best choice and product...match or exceed him, and they will come. I think we all agree on this.. I will go turbo 99% convinced now i just want the best bang for the buck
Tran - The system admin frowns on venders making comparisons. Every time I blink I get a warning for something or another. We are shipping kits weekly and most of the “ready to buy” customers call the office to get that human touch. It seems to me Hellion said it best. There are many choices out there but it appears that is has come down to 3 companies. Hellion, IPS and Granatelli/TTi.

Hellions claim to fame is great customer service and SS 439 material. They say 439 is better because it is more impervious to corrosion. AHHHH OK but 439 is a ferritic stainless steel designed to resist corrosion in a variety of oxidizing environments from fresh water to boiling acids. This is titanium stabilized, chromium alloy and not intended to exceed 1200 degrees. That does not mean you can’t do it but how many of us drive 140 mph on 118mpg rated tires? No one really crashes and burns but would you want to keep doing it? NO

IPS created a comparo and even after speaking with our staff they still posted what they wanted to. That is why we chose not to get into anymore shoot outs with them.

Granatelli focus’s on real power numbers, we don’t tell people they should be making 795hp on a stock motor, understanding it can be done, but so what it is not a good idea and the customer should not be told otherwise. We say do it right or don’t do it at all. We sell our kits standard with PTE6265 65lb/hr turbos. That gets you instant power from 450 to 1300 based on your boost. Our quality, fit and finish has sold itself for 70 years. We are the same people that designed the famed Novi 2000, the first and only 1000hp 50 State Legal blower when we owned Paxton Superchargers. We are also the same company that has consistently produced the most 1000 hp plus 97-2010 Corvette turbo systems with our partners at TTi, 80% of the Mustangs that race, regardless of mile, top speed, road course or otherwise all use brackets designed or fashioned by or after our design. We have been known for setting the standard to which other are measured and we pride ourselves on that. We do offer Turbonetics turbos to those that want Turbonetics. Our material is T-321 but most don’t know what that is so we say 304 because it is the catch fraze material of choice. In fact, T321 material is highly nickel based and intended to withstand 1500 degree temps for hours on end.
We don’t honk our own horn and brag about stuff that has little to no bearing on your 2010 Camaro because we try to stay focused on the facts at hand. However, since everyone is going that direction, here is our hand built turbo kit on a 320 c.i. engine using T321 header material

So bang for buck. We are not the most expensive and we are not teh cheapest - we just feel we offer the best practical twin turbo kit for the Camaro Gen 5. Most have agrred so far.

If there is someone out there that feels we are running the wrong turbos (we are not) we are more then happy to accomodate your request and put whatever turbo you want in its place
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