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Originally Posted by 1977and2010 View Post
Great read, thanks for all the time you put into it. A question I have is about the procharger. It seems like most of the aftermarket tuner companies are using the magnacharger. I haven't driven a car with either one, but from what I've heard and read the procharger makes its power up higher in the revs. Did you choose that for all the road racing you guys do and the engine being spun higher while tracking? Just curious. I 'm hoping to boost mine next year and looking for info.
Pedders and ProCharger feel into a relationship with the 2004 GTO. Since 2004 every car I have owned has been ProCharged. I felt like I was cheating on my wife when Saleen installed a Saleen blower on my Saleen Mustang. In the years of working together I have found the ProCharger units to be highly reliable. They make great power. The parts are high quality. The most important part of the relationship is the people. They treat me GREAT. I am sure that other companies have good people and good products. Unfortunately I don't know them as well as I know the people at ProCharger.

If you are thinking about a blower I strongly suggest that a large part of your buying decision be the local dealer that you will need to support it. A great product sold by a poor dealer will result in a poor experience. A great dealer can make a poor product deliver a great experience. For me that is a imple choice. I choose ProCharger.
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