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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
TAG, thanks - I haven't read anything like that, yet.

I know it's been said - but this thing is a tamed LS7...with better potential! The article said it, and it's true - this is the time when being a part of the GM performance community really pays off. Who else offers an engine quite like this? Nobody! Whoooo! Go GM!!!
:p No problem typing was my pleasure. I'm actually getting pretty quick on the keyboard. But, this is just one more thing I like to do. I guarantee you other sites have something posted up like a one line snippit of the article. Or, maybe they just quoted certain parts. I could have done that too...but I'd rather give ya'll the entire story.

Dragon said it all when he said it's a tamed LS7...with better potential. That's the best way to wrap up and summarize this article. I mean...436 bone stock hp...all the way up to 700hp w/ somewhat simple swaps...prolly cam, heads... This is truly an amazing engine. Now, if they can only integrate VVT, cylinder deactivation, and all the other gas saving techniques, ....OMG! I mean, a race engine that gets 30mpg's???

This IS truly an amazing time for the hp wars.
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