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Originally Posted by Wink2010 View Post
As featured on CAMARO5 HOMEPAGE.

We picked up the 2010 Camaro SS2 that we won in a JEGS contest yesterday. I can't describe what a great bunch of people not only the Coughlin family but the entire JEGS organization is. We were treated like royalty. We had the complete tour of their automated distribution facility and the race car shop to die for.

The car is fantastic! We enjoyed every second of the 420 mile trip home to new York from JEGS in Delaware Ohio.

I once again have to thank Jeg Sr. Mike and Jegy Coughlin, also Woody and Rusty.

I hope this is just not a dream... I keep looking in the garage and the Camaro SS is still there!


PS Here's the video:

That is fantastic and congrats to you guys!
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