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Car Alarms

When the time comes to get the new Camaro, I want to make sure the worst that can happen is that it gets broken into...NOT STOLEN. Any car can get broken into and there's nothing we can do to stop those little peckerheads (except for having the car garaged or manned at all times). I've been searching car alarms for a little while and trying to come to a conclusion on what to install in my future ride. I've heard of an alarm a couple times called Ravelco. The company also had a recent article printed in GMHTP or Chevy HiPo...can't remember which one. However, from what I've read, they've never had a car stolen w/ a properly installed alarm. Even better, it's only something like $250-500. Give me some feedback on other good alarms and let me know what you think about this one....check out the site.
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