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Hey, Hylton. Freezin' your butt off up there in CA? I noticed in the '09 GMPP catalog that's recently been posted in a thread here that the Hockey Stripe package has been broken apart, but only the Hockey stripe is available separately, no Hood stripe only. And either way they're only available in grey, black and white. This might be the same info. as shown in the SEMA pics on page 2 which won't display for me here at work. If so, sorry for reposting. I thought maybe you hadn't seen it since your first page stripe facts list has not changed. Of course, being GMPP, only those numbers are given, no RPO or LPO codes.

And this is off subject, but can you shed any light for me on the exact uses of LPO and RPO codes. I know what the accronyms stand for, but if RPO is a code to be used at the time of ordering the car and installed at the factory, when is an LPO code used for dealer installed items, also at the time of ordering? And then after delivery a GMPP number must be used?
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