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Originally Posted by chevydrvr View Post
Guys...i know your upset that it won't work on your 2010 but think of how long you've gone without it. You will be fine. I don't know everything about that stuff but if it only works with the newer version of onstar than that's it. The newer version must have some type of new programming in it that allows the signal to be transferred from your phone to onstar then to your car.

The older version was only built to send a signal to and from your car. It makes sense to me. You all act like everybody must think of everything all at once. Just because they couldn't come out with this at the same time as the camaro doesn't mean they screwed up.

Who knows...maybe you can go to a dealer or something and get onstar upgraded.
That's not how OnStar works.

The unit in your car ALREADY has the programming needed to do a bunch of things remotely.

They are just being lazy and/or trying to force people to buy a new car sooner.
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